​ ​Mansion has always catered to a very mainstream crowd with very commercial taste in music.

That’s no secret. When the club isn’t booking Top 40 hip-hop stars, it’s only going after the most commercial names in EDM, like Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, and Afrojack.

But this past weekend, the South Beach nightclub also showed how far it’ll go to maintain those commercial musical standards, allegedly kicking headliner Dennis Ferrer off the decks mid-set for not playing “commercial enough.”

Though the Opium Group is unavailable for comment about the incident, Dennis Ferrer tweeted about it on Sunday, writing, “Haha @mansion_miami made me get off the decks!! said I don’t play commercial enough!! WTF!!!!!”

And predictably there’s been a major backlash at Mansion from fans of Ferrer and people who seem to be generally fed up with the way this and other clubs dictate the quality of music in Miami.

So what’s the story, Mansion? Surely you must have known what kind of DJ you were booking when you put Dennis Ferrer on the bill and committed to paying him a sizable chunk of change for his time.

Ironically, Ferrer is a fairly commercial house DJ himself, with chart-topping hits like 2010’s “Hey Hey” under his belt. Apparently, though, Mansion and its patrons aren’t happy unless they’re getting a full night’s worth of David Guetta and LMFAO on repeat.

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