Social Menace model Amber Alexi

Here at Social Menace we are always looking for hot new talent.. and hot damn did we find it with sexy new model Amber Alexi ! ! Amber is the official newest model for Social Menace Clothing. Her face will be used to promote our ever popular clothing line, music and events from the SM family!

Amber Alexi is one of Florida’s newest sexiest faces in the modeling world.  Although very new to the industry, she is making her impact known very quickly!  Amber was born in North Dakota in February of 1988.  At 8 months old, she moved to West Palm Beach, Florida with her mother.  In 2003 she moved to Port St. Lucie where she rooted herself and graduated from port St. Lucie High School in 2006.  Amber is a gorgeous medium brown skinned tone woman with Cherokee Indian and Afro-American roots.  She is 24 years old and stands 5’4″ tall and weighs 120 lbs.  Her measurements are 35-24-36 and has dark brown hair and brown eyes.  Amber is all natural and has no enhancements whatsoever… Can you say WOW ! ! Check out our interview with this sexy new diva as she shares why she’s a SOCIAL MENACE!

Amber Alexi‘s interview w/ Primo (Social Menace)

Primo @ Social Menace : “So Amber tell us what got you interested in modeling ?”

Amber Alexi : Encouragement from all of my family and friends is what got me started. I have always loved getting my picture taken, but what girl doesn’t want to get all done up with hair and makeup, dress in super sexy clothes, and have their picture taken for others to enjoy ??? ;) I joined up with my management team (Rain Riders Marketing) who happens to be a long term friend so it made it easy to follow his lead on what to do to get into the business and collaborate on concepts and the direction for me to go in. Obviously it worked cause I’m the super proud spokes model for Social Menace !!!

Primo @ Social Menace : What do you do when you’re not on a photo shoot or making an appearance.. or working with Social Menace lol ??

Amber Alexi : Well, during the week I work full time in accounting. So my boring business life during the week just makes me want to hit the town and party it up even more at night and weekends !!! Aside from that, my nights are enjoyed either relaxing at home with my dog Lala, plus I’m a HUGE sports nut. My friends tell me I know more about sports than most guys…lol I love love love football and basketball mainly. The Pittsburgh Steelers are my number one team for NFL, but I am a Miami Dolphins fan as well. In college I’m a Florida Gator’s girl and in the NBA I am a REAL Miami Heat fan !!!

Primo @ Social Menace : Tell us.. What does Amber Alexi do for fun?

Amber Alexi : I love spending free time at the beach or on a boat. Parties at one of our local sandbars or pools are so fun and relaxing. I enjoy going to the movies, shopping for sexy clothes or makeup and I really enjoy my lunches with the girls at my favorite restaurant, Benihana, or any hibachi type restaurant. I have such a great group of friends so I’m very lucky. Plus none of them are clicky at all and we are always recruiting new people to join in on our craziness…lol

Primo @ Social Menace : What type of music do you listen to and who’s your favorite artist ?

Amber Alexi : I listen to all kinds of music. Sure I listen to country, pop, hip-hop or rap sometimes, but EDM House and Breaks are my all time major favorites. I have some reall great friends who are amazing DJ’s and artist like Dj Irene Pardo and Dj Julian M who keeps me moving with their music anytime of the day.. But TOxic RAdio plays exactly what I want to hear.. ALWAYS :) My favorite artist though has to be Michael Jackson. So whether it’s one of his original songs or a sick remix, I’m down for some MJ… LOL

Primo @ Social Menace : Your fans wanna know what do you find sexy ?

Amber Alexi : Confidence for sure. I love guys that have that swagger about themselves. not arrogant or cocky but a guy who is comfortable and confidant in his own skin is naturally sexy and I LOVE IT !!! I tend to like guys that are in shape. I mean i work hard to try and look good for me, my fans, and the camera, I just like guys that have the same mentality about the way they look for themselves. Plus if you dress and smell nice that’s a HUGE bonus ;)

Primo @ Social Menace :  And for our last question Amber.. What makes you a Social Menace ?

Amber Alexi : I’m unique.. I’ve always been different and I’m told that all the time !!! I tend to not follow the road most traveled by and known to NOT do what everyone else does. I like how independent I am but I’m still a ‘social butterfly’ and love meeting new people and making new friends.. but I’m always “out of the box” with my likes and interests, but can still fit in with anyone or anywhere !!! I feel at home with my Social Menace Family cause if there was an underground for girls like me.. I WOULD BE PRESIDENT.. LOL. This opportunity to represent the SM fam is one of the greatest things I have ever had the honor of doing and am so grateful to you Perez for picking me… MUAH !!!

Primo @ Social Menace : Well Amber we are glad to have you down with the SM fam too and we look forward to future projects together!! LOOK OUT WORLD here comes AMBER ALEXI and SOCIAL MENACE !!!

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