Social Menace has teamed up with Sobe Fizz Products to bring you “Dirty Water”

Dirty Water is a sexy, fun Aphrodisiac Water. Combining enegry with sex. Dirty allows the body to concentrate on stimulating the libido in men and woman, enchancing preformance.

Dirty Water is an aphrodisiac water- To start we must bring the water down to its most natural state by a process of Reverse Osmosis a four stage filtration to remove all harmful chemicals from water that can pose a threat to human health. Then we deliver a Euphoria feeling to our consumers that clean, sexy feeling that never lets you down.

The all natural formula of Dirty Water has no calories or fat. Dirty Water is manufactured in USA.

Dirty Water is removed of all containments normally left behind in most bottled water drinks and leaving behind the body to concentrate and focus on stimulating the libido in Men and Woman also believed to enhance performance.

Designed for daily use- you can never get too much! This drink will increase energy, help you perform better, lose weight, help with digestion and converting food to energy while giving you a overall feeling of well-being… AHHH, Dirty- Being bad never felt so good…

If you’re interested in having Dirty Water at your next event, invite us by clicking here contact us and give us some information. If Dirty isn’t currently sold in your market, don’t worry you can still order on line to your door! ORDER DIRTY WATER!!!..

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